Town of Vodice

Tourist center of Sibenik-Knin County

  • Most popular Croatian summer resort

    Vodice, a town with ten thousand inhabitants, is one of the most popular Croatian resort. Tourism has a fifty years old tradition, and in that time Vodice managed to become one of the most visited middle Adriatic destinations. In town Vodice there are plenty beaches which offer rich content, and numerous cultural monuments that will tell you the history of town. Vodice is a winner of the "Tourist flower award" awarded to destinations with especially attractive tourist offer. In the center of the town is a large marina with more than 400 berths for boaters.

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  • An ideal place for relaxation and entertainment

    In Vodice you can in addition to swimming and sunbathing, enjoy many activities such as beach volleyball, football, basketball, cycling, diving, fitness, speedboat rides... Vodice is also recognized as one of the best places to party on the Croatian coast. Several clubs, numerous cafes and bars, attract thousands of young people looking for fun.

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  • Vodice has many beautiful beaches

    In Vodice there are miles of pebble, concrete, rocky, and sand beaches. The beaches stretch throughout the town, except through the center where the marina is situated. The two most famous beaches are 'Blue beach' and 'Hangar'. Blue Beach was awarded with the 'Blue Flag', an international ecological award, a symbol of top quality tourism services based on clean water and beach quality. This pebble and sand beach stretches from Hotel Punta through Tribunj. Hangar Beach is located on the other side of Vodice and is equally attractive as the Blue beach.

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  • Vodice festa peak of the summer

    Traditional folk festa in Vodice is one of the most popular events in this part of Dalmatia. On the Fourth of the August, Town's promenade is full of tourists and visitors who want good food, music and fun. Restaurants, cafes and bars are working without working hours, and Vodice at this time visit tens of thousands of people. Domestic musicians entertain visitors until the early morning hours, and in the midnight every year visitors can enjoy the spectacular fireworks over the open sea!

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National parks

Nearby there are even two National parks

  • National park Krka

    Krka is the seventh national park in Croatia, known for its many lakes and waterfalls. It was named after the river Krka that it encloses. National Park is located in central Dalmatia downstream of Miljevci, and only a few kilometers northeast of the city of Šibenik. It covers an area along the river Krka which springs at the foot of the Dinara mountain near Knin, flows through a canyon 75 km long, flows through Prokljan lake, and empties into the Šibenik bay.

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  • National park Kornati

    Kornati islands are one of the most indented island group on Mediterranean, a unique set of 150 isles, cliffs, and reefs wich are scattered on middle Adriatic. This is the most indented island ecosystem in the Adriatic Sea, which includes as many as 12% of all Croatian islands (1264 islands, of which 67 are inhabited), and only 1% of the Croatian sea surface, has been attracting the attention of the many boaters, divers, and other nature enthusiasts.

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